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Road Trip Playlist from Lexington, KY, horse capital of the world, to DC

1. Ginuwine, “Pony”
2. Katy Perry, “Dark Horse”
3. 2 Chainz, “Black Unicorn”
4. Band of Horses, “Laredo”
5. Beach House, “Zebra”
6. Shakira, “Poem to a Horse”
7. Tori Amos, “Horses”
8. Blonde Redhead, “Equus”
9. Wilson Pickett, “Mustang Sally”
10. The Unicorns, “I Was Born (a Unicorn)”
11. Patti Smith, “Horses”

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Road Trip Play List from DC to Nashville

1. Morrissey, “Girlfriend in a Coma”
2. Aaliyah, “We Need a Resolution”
3. Stevie Wonder, “Lately”
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Gold Lion”
5. Frank Ocean, “Sweet Life”
6. Thao, “When We Swam”
7. Alicia Keys, “You Don’t Know My Name”
8. Beach House, “Silver Soul”
9. Madonna, “Get into the Groove”
10. TV on the Radio, “Halfway Home”
11. Santigold, “Lights Out”
12. Mya, “My Love is Like Wo”

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